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Nor for Republicans like Senator Burr from North Carolina.

The other Senator from North Carolina is up for re-election.

Isnt it the show me state?

Honored Social Butterfly

I keep remembering that Trump's goal in the 2016 election was not to win but to lose.  He called it the best advertising campaign ever.  So, he did become president but did not achieve his goal. NOW his goal is to be reelected and he is also failing at that.  He should just resign now and move to Moacow. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Has trump really had any good weeks?

Every week has been another episode in berating people, subverting our systems, destroying our Country, and now deflecting responsibility for the deaths and infections from the virus. 
And let’s toss in embarrassing the US in the eyes of the World, and multiple thousands of lies that he continues to tell. 

Let’s just admit, there is nothing positive about trump, or anything he has done. 

He is a disgrace to America!

Social Butterfly

I don't see where Trump has ever been above water in popularity since he was elected in general polls.


He might have a 72 % approval rating in West Virginia and West Texas, but their coal and oil ain't worth an Oil Sheiks crap in the hot sun.


Sorry big oil, but the sun can't shine on the same dogs **bleep** everyday, now can it?

Social Butterfly

The good thing he did was to fire Flynn to wipe the crap off his shoes.

Now Trump seems to have new shoes, and reconsidering the crap on the old ones?

Hate to bring up a poop analogy, but it is appropriate.


He has Barr as his leash dog, because if Trump loses, Barr becomes as valuable as a **bleep** on crutches on Pennsylvania Avenue.


Of course, Trump could shoot Barr, without reprocussions.

We can only hope and pray.

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