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the Left Needs to Battle for Democracy As Viciously as the Right Fights for Power


Yes it's time for new rules, and it's not just my opinion.



In a new book, David Faris says it’s time for Democrats to fight fire with fire.



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The Republicans have no choice these days than to discard the talking points they've relied on for decades, now that they've been proven false.

“The party of Honest Abe” is now the party of a “pResident” who lies every day, all day, and that tries to explain away those lies by lying about them.

“The party of fiscal responsibility” is now the party that increased the nation’s debt to an unprecedented level.

“The party of the working-class” is now the party that passed a tax reform bill that benefits the 1% and burdens the working class with paying higher taxes in order to fund tax breaks for the not-so-hard-working wealthy.

“The party of good Christian values” is now the party that supported/elected a **bleep**-grabbing sexual predator whose (alleged) fortune was built on lying, cheating, and stealing.

“The party of Patriots” is now the party that defends and protects a pResident who colluded with the Russians, and continues to do their bidding.

“The party of family values” is now the party that applauds appointing incompetent, inexperienced daughters and sons-in-law to influential positions.

“The party of law and order” is now the party of criminal politicians being above-the-law when convenient.

“The party of compassionate conservatism” is now the party that passionately attacks children who have the nerve to speak-up against the murder of their classmates.

“The party of national security” is now the party who thinks security clearances are over-rated, if not downright unnecessary.

“The party of financial oversight” is now the party that defends millions in taxpayers' money being spent on lavish office furnishings, cone-of-silence telephone booths, and vacations that somehow require private jets and an accompaniment of millions of dollars worth of security personnel.

“The party of standing firm against our county’s enemies” is now the party of slouching spinelessly against a pResident who does our enemy’s bidding.

We always knew who you were, Republicans. We’re just incredibly grateful for your having proven it.

Apparently the ol’ tried-and-true talking points are no longer applicable. You’ve got between now and November to come up with some new ones – and just between us, I don’t think we honestly believed that putting a lying, **bleep**-grabbing, racist traitor in the Oval Office would be good for the county is going to cut it.


This is a Nance Greggs post cut and pasted from DU...


trump followers and supporters are this century's Quislings
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