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A letter from NanceGreggs


An Open Letter To The Enemy


Dear Republicans:

We Democrats once saw you as our friends on the other side of the aisle, a party with different ideas, but ultimately of common goals. We now see you as so far removed from the principles our nation was founded upon, you may as well be on the other side of the galaxy.

We watch as you dismiss climate change as a hoax, deny scientific fact, and pollute the environment for the sake of corporate profits.

We have seen you gut programs that feed hungry families, under-fund our children’s education, fight against things like raising the minimum wage while you collect cushy salaries, and deny citizens the same healthcare benefits you enjoy. We have heard you lecture middle-class workers about not working hard enough to get ahead, while you take lengthy recesses from your own jobs and so-called “working vacations” at the taxpayers’ expense.

We have watched you waste millions of taxpayer dollars on endless investigations, many politically-motivated, others designed to “prove” your rhetoric about things like welfare recipients spending their checks on drugs – things that are, after the expenditure of millions of dollars, invariably proven to be wrong.

We have watched as Republicans attempted to overturn Obamacare over fifty times at a cost of millions of dollars, not to mention the waste of the nation’s time.

We have seen you vote against the best interests of your constituents time and again. We have heard you lie to them about how tax breaks for the wealthy will create jobs – when you know damned well they never have, and never will.

We have seen you vote against sensible gun-control laws that would protect the citizenry, and vote against legislation that protects the air we breathe and the water we drink.

We have witnessed your blatant hypocrisy. We have heard about your “good Christian values” from men married to former mistresses who they dumped their previous wives for. We have heard your “Christian leaders” declare that Democrats are godless heathens without morals as they align themselves with the party that denies food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, and care for the sick.

Of late, we have heard said “Christian leaders” state that a self-declared adulterer who sexually assaulted women, cheated his workers out of their pay, ran a bogus charity and a bogus “university”, and encouraged violence against his detractors as being “chosen by God” to lead a nation.

We have watched in horror as you have diminished the rights of women, minorities, gays/lesbians, and the disabled. We have watched as you curtail the rights of citizens to vote by legislating voter ID laws that are aimed at preventing millions of Americans from casting their ballots, as is their legal right.

As low as we already knew you to be, you managed to sink even lower. You elected a pResident who appeals to your base – your base being racists, bigots, misogynists, the woefully ill-informed and the outright stupid – without regard to the consequences to our country.

As a direct result thereof, you and your adherents now flaunt your racism and bigotry, and are encouraging behaviour that has historically been seen as anti-American, unpatriotic, and contrary to the core principles our nation once proudly upheld.

Under the tutelage of a man who thinks Nazis, white supremacists, and KKK members are “fine people”, you have embraced behaviour and ideas that were once considered beneath contempt.

The only thing that Trump has accomplished is bringing out the worst in all of you. You continue to dismiss his incompetence, his bizarre behaviour, his incoherence, his obvious stupidity – and, most importantly, his ties to Russia and their influence over every aspect of his “pResidency”. You have not only ignored his unending stream of lies – you have colluded to cover-up his lack of truthfulness along with his lack of common decency. Many of you have even gone so far as to perjure yourselves in order to protect the treasonous actions of the idiot you placed in the Oval Office.

We now see not only who you really are, but the depths to which you are willing to sink. And it is incredibly ugly.

You are no longer a political party we merely disagree with – you are a party willing to see the underpinnings of our democracy weakened and ultimately destroyed.

You are no longer “our friends across the aisle”, our worthy opponents, our patriotic fellow citizens – you are The Enemy.





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