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Dear Soosie

I am glad that you feel so much at peace with yourself and what you see in the world in front of you.

I also have no time for hatred or even anger, but I do try my best to point out  what I feel that I don't like about what is happening in the US  today.

As a nationalized citizen, I grieve for the country that I came and the country that is changing so much at this time.
Perhaps it is more difficult for Americans to actually understand what it means to loose their country, to loose the freedoms that a Democratic system provides,  and therefore can dismiss  many of the things that are happening today.
I am sorry for all of you.
I have always thought  that America was great!  I never thought that it wasn't so this is surprising to  me.
I so wish that all of these divisions end. too many posts by just a few seem to have an importance that in reality don't have.
The majority of Americans don't hate Trump, they don't like him they don't like what he has done, but they don't hate him I wish that those that happen to harbor that anger and hate will fade into the sunset.
I wish that instead they will work to simply change the course  that we are heading.
And those things are not accomplish by hatred or by being angry. Those  things are accomplish by having a plan a very steady plan. 
Please leave your emotions at home, don't pollute  this message board with those negative feelings  You are not showing anyone.  you are only showing yourself.
Work, hard as hard as your posts seem to be to come up with a positive plan to gain back our country.

no name
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Honored Social Butterfly

My Take

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If I took this board seriously, I would soon be afraid to set foot outside my home.  Instead, each day I am out and see some pretty good stuff.  People are working.  Different races are getting along fine with one another.  People are buying goods, making plans for their future.  Policemen are not only protecting our communities, they get to know us and offer help on an individual basis.  My social security check comes on the same regular basis.   My take?  Sometimes the gloom and doom is manufactured within our own heads.  The known cure........change your outlook, your thinking process.  At my age, I can know I don't have all that many more years.  Does that make me sad and angry?  Heck no.  I have led a full life and plan to work on the rest of my bucket list and enjoy the rest of my days.  I would hate to think that for the short time we are remembered, it would be a memory like this.......She sure was angry, sad and filled with hate.  I would rather it be.......Boy, she had a fun life and I hope I can follow her lead.

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