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More Trump World Insanity: FL. Sheriff Bans Face Masks

Florida sheriff bans his deputies and office visitors from wearing masks on the same day his county broke records for Covid-19 deaths.

A mandate from a local sheriff in Florida is going against the recommendations from science and government officials, masks will not be worn. That was the requirement spelled out in an August 11 email to the department from Sheriff Billy Woods of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.


The mandate came as the City of Ocala, Florida put a required Mask Mandate Ordinance in place in an effort to slow the spread of the corona virus pandemic. The Ocala City Council passed an emergency ordinance last week, requiring masks inside businesses. Though the city's mayor vetoed the ordinance on Monday, the City Council overrode the veto on Wednesday.
Honored Social Butterfly

Because Trump tells his cult members they shouldn't wear masks to protect themselves and others, they obediently follow the orders of their Supreme Leader in the White House.

Honored Social Butterfly

Lou asked excellent questions and I have the answer for him. Cult members never utilize LOGIC, they strictly obey every order from their cult leader.


That's why cult members from the Heaven's Gate Cult listened to their leader, Applewhite. He told them if they commit suicide together, while wearing Nike sneakers, an Alien Space ship would visit earth and transport them to Heaven's Gate. Was logic utilized in their decision? I don't think so.

Silver Conversationalist

Is it really possible these people don't know NOT wearing masks will prolong the pandemic, slow any economic recovery, and damage the Republican Party?


I don't understand how someone as stupid as this sheriff is in a position of responsibility. Can anyone explain this to me? Maybe it's me who's stupid.





Trump is an aperture in the fundament.
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