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Re: More Trump LIES

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Pathology is a science or a study of a disease or the origin, nature and course of disease[s].

Pathological pertains to pathology, what is caused by or involves disease...morbid.  Or it is dealing with the disease.  I guess I don't much care for the term pathological liar when applied to 'the donald'. 


That he is pathalogical [diseased] sort of lets him off the accountability hook.  I'm not about to do that.  True, lying as he does is aberrant relative to a 'normal' human being, whatever that is.  That he is aberrant does serve to define him as a human being and so he is, unfortunately.  Aberration is a better term in my book, for he knows what he does, does it anyway and is wholly accountable for it.  Nuremberg was a step in that direction.


I think 'the donald' does knows the difference between what is true and what is not...he just thinks it doesn't matter.  He said that out loud and in public.  Even IF they hear 'it', they won't 'believe it'.  Even IF they 'believe it', tommorrow they'll forget 'it'. 


An amoral cynical view of the world.  Sick?  Well...a psychological state deviating from a norm is often seen as a disease.  I think that is sometimes too loosely applied to excuse behavior that shouldn't be excused.  The presumption being that if someone isn't sick, they won't behave 'that way'.  Not so. 


Those who made the deliberate and conscious choice of supporting this man, knowing what he was, differ little from him...if at all.  From data I've seen about his life, he's always been that way.  I suspect that is true in varying degrees of them as well.  Is that pejorative?  Well, yes, it is.


'The donald'  relishes the attention...and intends to stay in the's his's what he's his way.  Know what else?  It will work with his loyal 'following' and those who use them as long as We tolerate it and don't take action against it.  The only effective way I know is to rebuke those voters and remove the reason[s] 'the donald' is able to occupy the position he does. 


We have failed in this multiple times before 2016.  The consequences are now far too severe to shirk responsibility once more.  November is just ahead.  Even IF the choices amount to the 'least worst' once more, there still is a choice.  It's yours.  Vote.  Vote responsibly. It's your choice.  IF you think The Constitution matters more than a political and economic ego-trip, do somthing about it.  Talk's cheap. Figure out how to fix it...don't walk away.

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More Trump LIES

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Afisher, you are so right about propaganda. That's what Joespeh Goebbels did to the masses in 1930s Germany when the population loved Hitler. They didn't find out most of what Goebbels and Hitler told them were LIES, until after Germany was destroyed in WW II.


When millions of Americans don't realize Trump is a pathological liar, that's frightening.

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Re: More Trump LIES

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   The ignoblers may be described as mushrooms, stored in the dark and feed bowel movement material.    They have been propagandized to the extent that denial of facts and lying (or is it trolling) is seen how they  have devolved into what they write here.  


    In their tiny minds, or what the RW, Alt-Right media is selling them is bs...and they just repeat it.   They have no basis in facts, which are actually quite easy to obtain and NO, they are supposed to be adults and will have to locate that info. on their own.


    Donald whines and they believe everything he says.   If in fact NATO is bad for US, the break the treaty and bring all the US troops home.    That he won't do that, proves that his bs. is just that, bs.    Why does he continue to pour billions into military defense, which much of the bombs, etc is not in the US, but delivered globally.   

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More Trump LIES

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Yesterday, RK incredibly said Trump is not a pathological liar. That means the following LIES from Trump must be a figment of my imagination. And this is only from the 2 day NATO conference.


  • Trump said the U.S. pays up to 90% of NATO's bills

"There is a common budget that all NATO allies pay into," says O'Connell of NATO's direct expenses for shared headquarters and exercises. "It's about $2.8 billion and the U.S. pays 22 percent of that, not 90 percent."


  • Trump said when Reagan won every state in the election, the only state which voted for the opponent, was Wisconsin. Then he bragged about winning Wisconson

Hello! Reagan won Wisconsin, the only state he lost in was Minnesota.


  •  Trump said, Germany is totally controlled by Russia, because they will be getting from 60 to 70 percent of their energy from Russia and a new pipeline​,”

For Gemany in 2017, Only 13 percent came from natural gas, with Russia as the major supplier.



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