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Military and Veterans are leaving donald cabal

Conventional Wisdom:   the Military is Republican.     Not so fast- that has been changing.   First it was small - donald hated McCain, then came abandoning the Kurds who had helped the US solve the Syrian problem and now this:  he is selling out the military for Putin praise.


Selling out to members of the military has a word:  Treason and many are very unhappy with the mish-mash that donald is attempting to use to not answer the question about when he learned about  Putin putting a bounty of US Soldiers in Middle East.

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The fact that IMPOTUS has threatened to veto this year's $740 billion annual defense bill if it includes the renaming of bases, probably won't garner him much support either.


Jim Crow era is over, Donnie, let it go.  Actually some of these generals whose names are on these bases were bumbling idiots to begin with.

Honored Social Butterfly

Among other things, there was the pardon of the officer who was convicted of war crimes, calling out the National Guard on its own citizens for political purposes, and now the Russian bounty has been proved to be true. Trump is losing the military. A former Navy Seal speaks out, and this pretty much says it all . . . 




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