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Michigan's Gov had National Recognition in 2011

Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer is making national news with her refusal to acknowledge Trump as Supreme Leader ....... condemned by Trump supporters for being an insolent woman and acknowledged a hero by everyone else.


Michigan's Governor actually made national news long before her encounter and heroic victory over Trump's refusal to provide pandemic aid to Michigan.


Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer actually first "went national" when she was a Senator in Michigan's Senate back in 2011.


She addressed the Republican controlled Michigan Senate who had just passed a supposed anti bullying bill with numerous exceptions allowing bullying if your religion or personal beliefs mandated it.


So what the Republicans actually did was legalize bullying under an anti bullying law!


Her address to this colossal absurdity was posted on YOU TUBE and from there made it to the NATIONAL NEWS.


Below is a link showing her brief speech to the Republican controlled Michigan Senate regarding their passage of a colossal absurdity:


After the Republican absurdity was made known nationally, Michigan's Republican Governor was too embarrassed to sign it!


The "religious exception" in the bill was obviously intended to allow gay bashing by conservative religions who condemn gay people and thus heavily back Republicans.


In this same time frame, Michigan Republican legislators also attempted to pass a bill making it illegal to hire gay people or allow them to be employed.

So If you employed a gay person in Michigan, you would have to terminate their employment and of course, never hire a gay person again under penalty of law.


After Gretchen's speech made it to the national news embarrassing Michigan's Republicans, they slithered their horrific anti gay bill under the rug.


Honored Social Butterfly


Thanks for that very interesting update on the Governor. 
Always remember the repub mantra, be sneaky, and cheat if you have to in order to win...or to pass their bigoted, racist, white supremist agenda...oh, and let me add how they try keep people from voting...very hard to understand that sort of attitude!

And always nice to have leaders like the Governor, who take a stand in order to do the right thing for Our Citizens...that is very respectful!

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