Honored Social Butterfly

Memorial Day.

Hope everybody has a great Memorial Day weekend.  Thanks to all our veterans that answered the call to serve our great country.  A very special thank you to the men and women that gave it all and left it on the battle ground, I salute you.


In memory of my friend Killed in action by a mortar round :

Franky, Rest in Peace Buddy...



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Honored Social Butterfly


Even Memorial Day has to be political ---it has to be.     We have a   corrupt liar,  a moron a rabble rouser   for a commander-in-chief     I hate to think so many veterans who were able bodied

voted for him.        

But for all of Trump’s boasting about his support from veterans, he has never served in the military, thanks to a string of deferments that enabled him to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War.     For the THE I DON"T CARE bunch it has no meaning....they don't care and should.  .   

Transcript, President Donald Trump on Fox News Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018


Military Times, "Support for Trump is fading among active-duty troops, new poll shows," Oct. 15, 2018


The Atlantic, "Can Marine One Fly in the Rain?" Nov. 12, 2018     YES ex

cept for TRUMP 


Washington Post, "The Battle of Belleau Wood was brutal, deadly and forgotten. But it forged a new Marine Corps," May 31, 2018


PolitiFact, "Trump's hyped claim that he called for rubbing out bin Laden in 2000," Dec. 11, 2015


PolitiFact, "Did Donald Trump sign the first military pay raise in 10 years?" May 10, 2018   NO NO NO of course not.  


PolitiFact, "Trump incorrectly says he has achieved historic increase in defense spending," July 27, 2017   NO AGAIN NO.   


PolitiFact, "Donald Trump: GOP just passed veteran's Choice after 44-year wait. Actually, it's 4 years old," Oct. 2, 2018


Email interview with Todd Harrison, defense budget specialist with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Nov. 21, 2018


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Honored Social Butterfly

As far back as I can remember... none of my family has lost their life in combat. My Dad served in WWII at 17 years of age in the navy. One uncle who was a merchant marine, had his ship sunk in the north Atlantic by a torpedo, he survived.  Last one to serve was my oldest son. Blessings to all families and friends who have lost a dear one.


John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.

Libs are nuttier than squirrel poop
Honored Social Butterfly

Country, Honor, Sacrifice. We owe a Sincere Debt Of Gratitude and Thanks to All of those who have come before Us to defend the Freedoms that We have today.  

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