Looks like Sen. Mitch McConnell got it wrong — again. And this time it could cost him the Senate majority.


Republicans initially thought that a fast appointment of a conservative justice would help them in battleground states. After all, nothing rallies the conservative base like a Supreme Court appointment. However, given the likelihood of confirmation, the Senate Judiciary hearings to confirm Amy Coney Barrett turned out to be fairly uneventful and relatively drama-free. Most importantly for Democrats, they have not taken America’s focus off the coronavirus.

Republicans initially thought that a fast appointment of a conservative justice would help them in battleground states.


The reality on the ground is that the virus has not gone away, and there are spikes across the midwest and elsewhere. Suddenly, McConnell is interested in passing some kind of Covid-19 relief package again. That the majority leader would realize the political importance of this pivot isn’t surprising. That the members of his own party aren’t pushing harder for it is.


Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., who recently tested positive for Covid-19, said he would wear “a moon suit” to the Senate so that he could vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court justice. It was a “joke” devoid of both humor and empathy. Currently, Wisconsin is experiencing a spike in coronavirus, ranking fourth in the nation for new Covid-19 cases. According to seven-day averages from the Covid Tracking Project, hospitalizations and deaths have rapidly risen since September. To date, close to 170,000 people in Johnson’s home state have tested positive; over 1,500 have died. Johnson is not facing re-election this November, which may be why he appears to be turning a blind eye toward the crisis unfolding under his nose.


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