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Ultimately, it’s not enough to just wear a mask. You’ve got to do it properly. Think of your mask as a condom, a pair of underwear, or anything else that may protect others from you. Wear it where you are supposed to wear it. After all, it wouldn’t be that re-assuring to tell your partner that you’ve got things covered because you are wearing a condom on your ear.


Mistake 1:

Screenshot_2020-08-14 8 Face Mask Wearing Mistakes People Are Making With Covid-19 Coronavirus.png


There are the people that just have it hanging around their neck - that counts as a nothing.

Then there are those who prefer the type that give little protection - bandanas, neck gaiters


Mistake 2: Wearing a mask too loose.

Mistake 3: Wearing a mask above your chin.

Mistake 4: Using a mask with with too many or too big holes.

Mistake 5: Wearing your mask upside down.

Mistake 6: Wearing your mask inside out.

Mistake 7: Touching or adjusting your mask frequently.

Mistake 8: Wearing a wet or dirty mask. 

It is NOT about how it looks or feels - it is about how effective it is against spreading the virus

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@GailL1   Thank you Gail. I need to see some common sense 

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But what about 'freedom'?  You know, the freedom to have no compassion or consideration for others?  The freedom to not wear a mask even if others die because of it?


Actually, I think it's a shame that those not wearing masks can't be held liable for a person dying of covid who did wear one.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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Biden wants all of us to wear masks outside. Bravo! But I guess that saving lives is not as important as saving face.

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