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Made in the USA - meds and medical equipment

This should be interesting - What's your take - Good / Bad / Just a Show with no practicality??

Personally, I like it but I think we might find that our US made prices might be too high and the caveats will apply.  But maybe not. 


Would you like your meds and medical equipment made in the USA?  The EO only covers what the government buys right now - got to start somewhere, I guess.


President Trump signed an executive order Thursday directing the federal government to buy certain drugs solely from American factories.


The so-called “Buy American” order could represent a seismic shakeup of the drug industry: No one knows exactly how much of the American drug supply chain is produced abroad, but some experts insist up to 90% of critical generic drugs are made at least partially abroad.


It remains unclear, however, how broadly the order will be implemented — the executive order does not specify what drugs it covers. Instead, the order directs the Food and Drug Administration to decide which medicines will be subject to the new requirements. Certain drugs can also be exempted from the executive order if they’re too expensive to make in the U.S. or the U.S. isn’t already making them.


Government officials, like the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, can opt out of buying American drugs if the product is not produced “in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities” in the United States or buying the product in America would raise procurement costs by 25 percent.


The order covers certain medical supplies that are deemed essential, as well.


The coronavirus pandemic has fanned anxieties in Washington over America’s dependence on India and China for certain critical drugs. In recent weeks, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have penned legislation attempting to retool America’s drug supply chain. But Trump’s proposal is the most dramatic action to date.


“If we learned anything from the [coronavirus] pandemic, it is simply that we are dangerously overdependent on foreign nations for our essential medicines, for medical supplies — like masks, gloves, goggles and the like — and medical equipment, like ventilators,” Navarro said.


Trump’s proposal is likely to increase the already-escalating tension between the drug industry and his administration. The new order comes on the heels of four sweeping drug pricing executive orders that Trump released two weeks ago.


more at this link~

STAT News 08/06/2020 - Trump orders government to buy certain drugs solely from U.S. factories, sett... 

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