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MSM Complicit in Climate Change Denial

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Main Stream Media is Complicit by their Apathetic Response in the effort by many including Trump to deny Man-Made Pollutants as the major contributor to Adverse Climate Change................


I watched them all (MSM) - CNN MSNBC FOX ABC CBS for hours after Trump made another Ignorant Incompetent Decison by pulling out of Paris Accords 


As has become the NORM - they all trotted out their - So Called Experts on Everything - The same exact people who would comment on everything from the GOP Healthcare Plan to Bombing Syria 


People Like David Gergen - Philip Mudd - Ana Navaro - Jeffrey Toobin - Etc. 


Not one Environmental Scientists - Astro-physicist - Climatologist 


A Washington Post story, reporting the results of a Pew Research poll in 2013, headlined its story,


“Americans Are Less Worried about Climate Change than Almost Anyone Else.”


In 2014, a poll of 20 wealthy countries found that America leads the world in climate denialism, with 52 percent of the U.S. population stating that climate change is a natural phenomenon (rather than being the result of burning fossil fuels) and denying that the world is headed for environmental disaster unless it quickly changes its habits.3


Why is the United States first in climate complacency? According to leading climate scientist James Hansen, there is in this country “a huge gap between the public’s understanding of the situation and the scientific understanding.”4 But why does this gap exist in America?


Physicist Joe Romm, who started the website Climate Progress, has written that, although “our scientific understanding of business-as-usual projections for global warming has changed dramatically,” the U.S. public largely “remain in the dark about just how dire the situation is. Why? Because the U.S. media is largely ignoring the story,” which Romm called “the story of the century, if not the millennium.”5


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( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

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