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CNN has jus t reported that the vote on the disasterous "death care bill' will be delayed untik after the 4th of July.  Why??


1) CBO score--Despite the rhetoric, they know it matters-and the CBO said there would be:

2.) Higher Premiums


3.) Millions more uninsured


4.) Medicaid changes

 In addition,

5.) NINE to TWELVE REPUBLICAN SENATORS WILL NOT VOTE FOR THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE (After Mc Connell made his announcement, three others came out and admitted they wouldn't have voted for this bill)

Guess it hard to tell cinstituents the bill you voted for puts their life at risk. Wish I thought it was a moral decsion on the part of most, but, truly, I think its job security for them and nothing more.

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
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   Best question:   why is FOX not covering the Healthcare debate.    Is it the Bambi excuse.


   That is why we most likely see so many non-sequitur talking points by the donald supporters.   


     Independent thinking is disallowed by the Republican party.   

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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If I were a Congressman, I'd be afraid to pass it.


Only 12% polled support the Healthcare Bill...


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Gordy--Yes, I'd be afraid to pass it too. Despite all the lies about those angry people  at town halls being paid, the truth is that some never wanted any changes to the affordable health act. Others were so uninformed they didn't know the difference between Obama care and the ACA. 

Blindly, though, Republicans move forward saying their constituents want repeal and replace when town hall anger is on full display and poll after poll shows a full 70% of the American people don't want tampering with heath care.

And still the deaf and blind Republican group of fools move forward trying pass a bill that not only the majority of Americans don't want, but one that may cost thousands their lives.

Let's hope these imbeciles are removed from office before any "health care bill" is passed, and they are replaced with people who actually listen and, more importantly, care.

 CT-Sadly, the entire Republican party has become an embarrassing joke, helping the idiot disgrace and weaken America.


Gee, I miss having a real President!!
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Despite the Trump Lovers constantly praising their hero, this administration is a joke. It's been almost 6 months of chaos. If you told me back in January that an all Republican Congress would fail to pass health care, tax reform, and infrastructure in the first 6 months, I would have said you were delusional.


I think this postponement proves they are incapable of governing. They were great at cricitizing and blocking President Obama the past 8 years, but when it's their turn to act, they're a joke.


Donald Trump, "I will repeal and replace Obamacare on day one in office"!

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And not a word from FOX News about the biggest story of the day.   Should we say "FAKE NEWS"?

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Creppelrm--Why ruin the fantasy world filled with lies and delusion. FOX viewers don't want the truth or they wouldn't be watching it to begin with!

FOX has become a huge trump INFOMERCIAL--you know--lots of exaggerated hyperbole--and everyone thumping their chests about the product--the liar in chief.

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
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   GOP are getting wussy, the CBO report was a shot that they could not take.   Notice that no one has come forward to support this legislation.     While some say that they need to vote, careful what you wish for.... because if the vote is held this week and it looks like it is failing to get lift-off, then McConnell will simply pull the legislation.   (that got Boehner fired...remember).  


    Senators are facing really unhappy voters as they head home for a month.     Can they hide for an entire month?    


     The GOP have created their own nightmare and each day that they postpone a vote to even debate the legislation, the more people who are experts at Federal Code will comb through this POS.    Much like the part where Medicaid Grant Blocks could be diverted to pay for other things instead of healthcare....the staff said "oopsie" that was "just a typo"... Believe that, if so, I have a bridge for sale.     

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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Afisher--Incompetent, heartless president, incompetent heartless reps,-- yup, they must be Republicans!! Can't even give most who wouldn't vote a nod because they wanted to make those who are unable to afford healthcare on any level more at risk. 

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
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I think Yertle is terrified it might accidently pass, giving voters plenty of time to see how 99% of them have been royally screwed and costing Republicans their maajorities in both houses in 2018. Pretty sure his plan all along was to put this POS out there so they can claim to have TRIED to repeal Obamacare and give folks a better deal (but since it didn't pass, all copies were inadvertently destroyed, so nobody can prove what was in it.)

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I think Yertle is terrified it might accidently pass, giving voters plenty of time to see how 99% of them have been royally screwed


They'll be back, this year, next year, in ten years. This has been going on since the New Deal, it's a long process. One thing to be sure of though, it won't stop with Medicaid, Medicaid is just a link in the chain, they already made it clear that Medicare and Social Security are on the chopping block too, along with just about every government program that helps the poor, children born with birth defects, the mentally ill, so on and so forth.


No child is to hungry, sick, disadvantaged, or homeless to be left behind.

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Moscow Mitch is sooo thoughtful...

Honored Social Butterfly

You guys are not listening. call your Senators tell them to vote for this Health Care, please!!!!! this need to happen fast, Unless you all want them to really sit down and fix this mess.

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