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Lil Donny fears his Dad is going to lose....

Donald Jr. fears his father is going to lose the election. He is like "were losing dude, we are going to get really hurt" he told a GOP activist. Further he claims Biden will shoot the "prisoners." Surely he is not talking about his Father, right???!!!


The source claims that Trump Jr. has said a Biden administration would “shoot the prisoners” and would not be a “peaceful transition."


Well the peaceful transition is totally up to you guys if you lose!


Donny Jr. thinks his dad is going to lose the election. 


Lets make SURE that happens!!!!


Biden/Harris 2020

Honored Social Butterfly

If daddy loses, Donnie Jr could face charges (along with Jarred) for his collusion with the Russians when he gave Russian agents the polling data they requested!





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Not to mention, Little Donnie has been re-supenoed in SDNY, first one he refused, but since the Supremes said the president isn't protected, Little Donnie got some splaining to do regarding handling the Trump losing empire and where the money went and came from.


Sooner or later, they will run out of money to defend themselves in court with expensive lawyers on the multiple law suits against them, or where they are the plaintiffs to suits hiring them.


If and when Trump loses the election, his fake empire will implode. 

He wont have the Government or his office to protect him, nor the lawyers provided.

And he will declare bankruptcy for the eight time.

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