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Re: Lies and untruths

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I agree, but I do believe The Donald tells a lot of lies, and he will never apologize.
I was beat w./a strap as a child if my Mother even thought I was lying, or if she wasn't sure. Needless to say I DO NOT like lyers, can not stand to be around them, do not trust them. There have actually been conversatiosn I have not wanted to discuss or have to lie, so I stayed off the subject all together, because I would not lie and it would have hurt someone..
That being said an untruth mistake can be made by everyone, most likely not on purpose, but many are not apologized for, or corrected. If I make with an untruth I would hope I would be corrected, and yes I would apologize, and thank them for the correct info. So a Lie is a Lie.
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Lies and untruths

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Both of these are bad things. A lie is a deliberate attempt to deceive. An untruth may simply be a mistake. Both should be avoided, and should be apologized for.


The usual fools say things like "both sides do it". There is no equivalence between a person who lies on a regular basis, and one who makes a rare mistake.


Please understand this, and use that understanding to evaluate the people involved.

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