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Let's be Honest here...

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Good morning to all-

The present occupant of the White House is a vile, nasty, selfish, greedy, crooked liar of an individual who never did a day's work in his life.

But he's just the most obvious tip of the conservative iceberg.


Friends, the current vileness of the republican party wants to divide our country so they can more easily dominate and work their will on the great majority of the country. Unless you are rich, white, part of the big money segment of the country, and able to go and do whatever you want whenever you want while you live behind your gated community gates and count your investment income the republican party has NOTHING for you except evil words and more evil intentions.


People who are brown, black, who speak languages other than English and especially working class and poor whites- that's me, by the way- and old people who have health needs and other needs must see the republicans for what they are- greedy, wicked people who see anyone else who looks, speaks, or works differently from them as only tools to be used when wanted and discarded and ignored the rest of the time. The repubs have done a masterful job of getting middle and low class white folks to believe that tRump and his supporters are working for the good of "traditional" values.  It makes me ill to see fellow rural, white, lower class white folks slobbering over tRump and his kind. These evil men do not give a rat's hiney for poor people- of any color.


From their manipulating of voting boundaries to whipping up unthinking support from poor white folks, the repubs have gone a long way toward taking over the country and making it over in their own image- which is a revolting thing to consider.


We don't have to accept this. We can do better. We can vote these vile, wicked people out and try to get politicians who will at least listen to the concerns of the real people of our country- not just the people with lots and lots of money.


Good day to all- Ed from Alabama

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