By Josh Lederman



Sounding the alarm from behind a curtain of classification, lawmakers briefed on U.S. intelligence have been practically begging the Trump administration to make public information about ongoing 2020 election meddling, even before the U.S. intelligence community’s startling new assessment.


Now that the administration has taken a step in that direction, some of those same lawmakers are insisting they’ve viewed far more intelligence that must be declassified — and soon, so voters can protect themselves ahead of an election just three months away.


“We believe more of the information that was made available in these briefings can, and at the appropriate time should, be shared with the voting public,” Sens. Marco Rubio and Mark Warner, the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate’s intelligence panel, said in a joint statement. They urged the administration to “share with the voting public as much information about foreign threats to our elections as possible.”

The public assessment late Friday from U.S. counterintelligence chief William Evanina framed foreign election meddling as a threat to both presidential candidates, emphasizing that China and Iran want President Donald Trump to lose re-election.


But it was the assessment that Russia is working “to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden” that spoke directly to what members of Congress had been trying to get into the public domain — especially when it comes to Andriy Derkach, the pro-Russian member of Ukrainian parliament who Evanina said is “spreading claims about corruption” to taint Joe Biden and Democrats.


“Some Kremlin-linked actors are also seeking to boost President Trump’s candidacy on social media and Russian television,” the assessment added.


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