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Kushner’s Company Has Officially Been Subpoenaed By Federal Prosecutor.

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    The donald supporters probably use the short term memory excuse to not know or remember what this is about.    EB5 for sale courtesy to Jared and his positioning within the WH Trump regime.


   This was discussed when the family members of Kushner attempt to pimp Jared's access to Donald in the WH as a golden ticket to US if only the foreigners bought / invested in Kusher property.  

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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Just read The Hill.  The issue is Green Card fraud.   OH MY!

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The musical "1776"  features a song about General Lee.  If you will allow me to change Lee to lie, and fiddle with the last line of the first verse, I think we will have a synopsis of Kushner and the trump WH.


"So, it's here a lie, there a lie

Everywhere a lie, a lie

Certain lie

Natural lie

Yes, it's the lies of the trump-ias!!  (Lee's of Virginia)!!!

LOL--these people are a bunch of sham artist clowns.

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
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The little snit LIED to the FBI about his extensive contacts with Russian spies and then released emails proving he was OVERJOYED with the prospect of colluding with Russia to rig our Presidential election.


He BELONGS in a SUPERMAX, right next door to Aldrich Ames, and across the hall from tRumpjr and Manafort.

Honored Social Butterfly

All the Jewish, and Jewish Americans residing in this country, should sign a petition not to allow this little  boy  to even think that he can go to Israel and start brokering a peace treaty.

They should consider this as an insult to the Jewish comminity as a whole.

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