Honored Social Butterfly


THE richest 1% own half of the stock market.

The  richest 10% own 92% of the stock market.

Then you know who TRUMP is talking about.   
( Robert Reich = economist.) 


How can it be that stocks are soaring when the economy is crashing?  The 10% are keeping stocks alive and fooling people in thinking  Trump is having a great economy.  .   

Steve Bannon was just arrested for running a giant con on Trump supporters.  Trump has surrounded himself with criminals and 42% of the republican base along with those in congress have lost their moral compass.

PUT a TAX break for billionaires in front of republicans for approval and ...THEY are ALL IN.    Too many voters aren't rich enough to be a republican but yet in ignorance join them in their quest for .   


Honored Social Butterfly


From 1932 to 1963 average worker income rose 507.5% while the Dow Jones Average only rose 286,7%. and executive compensation only increased 232% This was because the Federal Income Tax prevented the ones dividing the profits from keeping it all for themselves because they'd only get about a DIME from every extra dollar they put in their own pockets, the rest would go for taxes. The "dividers" hated workers, but hated Government more, so they spread the profits to the workers which was spent, driving the economy forward at around 4 -5% each year, and the dividers took their reward from the growth of their company.


Then in 1964, LBJ cut taxes for the rich by about 30% to try and gain support for the war he lied us into, and the rich discovered they could keep THREE dimes of each dollar they gave themselves, so that's what they did. In 1981 and again in 1985, Reagan slashed taxes for the rich by 60% from LBJ's level, increased taxes for the average worker by 40% by eliminating deductions, and suddenly the distribution of profits to the workers dried up like a mudpuddle in the Sahara. From 2009 to 2012 the average worker's income increased 6.3% while those at the top 10% saw a 36.5% jump.


Why is this so hard for folks to understand? tRump handed the Corporate Oligarchs a $1.3 TRILLION tax cut, and what did they do? THEY GAVE IT TO THEMSELVES! Not a dime went to create a new American job or increase a single American worker's pay. They are not evil, but they are not stupid either.  If you have a group of children and one is going to divide the dessert, what is the one ESSENTIAL rule to insure fairness in the distribution of the goodies? THE ONE WHO DIVIDES CANNOT PICK THE FIRST PIECE! That in a nutshell is what the tax code did for America from 1934 until 1964 - it prevented the ones dividing the pie from taking the first slice for themselves.


All the talk about restoring equality in America will remain just talk UNTIL We the People realize the one essential ingredient is TO FIX THE TAX STRUCTURE!


Repeal the Reagan taxscam and workers wages will again increase faster than executive compensation and the income gap will once again SHRINK each year jsut as it did from 1934 until 1964. No massive welfare program needed, just go back to how our parents and grandparents did it.


Begin to collect Social Security contributions on all income above $400,000 and the system becomes solvent FOREVER!


Establish an Alternative Minimum Tax on all Corporations and never again will we give refunds to Corporate Oligarchs whose profits are counted in BILLIONS,.


Do the above 3 things and use the additional revenue to return America to the condition it was in before 1964 - best infrastructure, especially the best schools, in the World. Wages rising lock step with worker productivity. Social Security there for EVRYONE. Minimum wage increased so NO ONE who works fulltime lives in poverty.


It won't take long, it will just take MONEY.

Honored Social Butterfly

Yup.  He lives in a high income bubble.   No clue what most of America experiences....

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