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Justice Dept. ignores part of court order.....

well isn't this interesting....our wonderful AG, Mr. Barr, who's ONLY job is to protect Trump at any and all costs, just did so again, and ignored a court order ro release documents obtained in a suit brought by CNN and Buzzfeed, that pertain to documents related to Jared Kushner in the Muller investigation. Now once again, I have to ask, what is Barr afraid of getting out here???? Begs to be answered in  my opinion!


Barr ignores court order related to Kushner documents in Muller investigation. 

Honored Social Butterfly

The tRump base needs to wake up and see the corruption that tRump and the Republicans are building within America's institutions, in our court system, and even in the Department of Justice. tRump appoints shills and crooks and no one can expect them to be ethical or honest. Barr needs to go and the only way this will happen is to get rid of tRump and put a Democrat in the White House.


BLUE WAVE in 2020 !!!!

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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Bill Barr and that whole administration should be impeached and indicted for treason, crimes against the American peopleand the Constituion in violation of the oath they took!  All of their assets should be taken and used to pay of the deficit they have created with giving the wealthy no taxes also large corporations, the luxurious parties at the big donor events and the Trump Tower!  All of Trump and his cronies vacations, etc.

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If there is not a good reason for that someone in the DOJ is going to jail.

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