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Just a thought... why does anyone believe his lies and why are we surprised by the lies?

Quoting a recent headline: "Trump makes 10 false and misleading claims about Biden during North Carolina rally"...


Is anyone really surprised and any surprise when the claims are verified false and/or misleading?


This is who he is; anyone who doesn't understand how terrifying he is as world leader did not read history and/or understand Adolf Hitler.


Sometimes someone is able to "mesmerize" or otherwise influence people who wouldn't think they are "important" until this person told them they were; not feeling important wasn't the problem; feeling no one thought they were was the clincher. Roped in; remember cult attitudes especially Waco?


Think about this, please, because imho if Trump returns for 4 years, the US will not survive, whether it ends in civil destruction or alien (not of this planet) destruction. Soon after, the world will not survive. It cannot without the US (just as the US can't w/o the world).


Someone needs to figure this out and help us and guide us though this madness, please...





Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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Everyone outside of the Trump / Fox Alternate Reality Bubble knows the man is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

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My observation is the more facts that are provided,  the more tapes or videos that are shown on TV,   still 38--40% of  Americans still believe in  the  Trump lies and his denial that he said what was  said and recorded on tape in a Woodward interview.   

IT has happened to us in the USA with Trump   cause remember a third of the  German people  supported Hitler.       
We have to accept that all these horrible male leaders in the world there was enough support to give them a voice and power.    Putin ----Kim-Jong un  - -the Ayatollah----HITLER --Musolini--Stalin--Tôjô Hideki- --Saudi-Abdullah bin Abdulaziz - Hamas--Osama bin Ladin---taliban ---(the list goes on )   

Trump's is his base's   "stand up political comedian " and has a very small vocabulary of repeating himself .   He was a reality TV host for 14 years and brought his acting abilities  to his rallies where the hyenas laugh at his cruel remarks.   

  The wrong people in the USA are re-producing.   Trump said he likes the under-educated.     Handed down ideology   Conservatives are fine with female sexuality as long as men control it.    Their views on morality have changed from Bill Clinton being scandalized for having an affair with a consenting being OKAY with  Trump bragging about groping women,  having 5 kids with three different women and cheating workers and wives,  lying and acting out as a traitor cause of a boy-crush on Putin.    


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Lydia asked, Okay, @CriticalThinking, let's have your theory!


Trump's cult members are made up primarily, but not exclusively, of low educated white rural Americans, who felt neglected and ignored for decades, by what they describe as liberals. They see Trump as someone who represents the view points and interests of WHITE PEOPLE. 


As long as Trump is perceived in that manner, white rural America is dedicated to 100% support of him. This is true even when he lies, insults others, sexually assaults women, breaks the law, jeopardizes their own incomes via trade wars, etc.

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This is possibly the most astute response...


My bro and sil speak weekly and they are unfortunately tRump supporters, right now... we are poor white trash, 3rd generation (g-parents Tulsa natives post-migration).


I think because my family didn't get out of the midwest, they didn't learn other cultures/lives.


True story: when we vaca'd at the lake of the ozarks with fam and our young girls, the kiddos freaked when they kept hearing racist mentions...


I'm not sure; my cousin Nadine married an Arkansas State Trooper; I don't think he did anything racist. Think sometimes "white" law enforcement in the South could be perceived as racist; that in and of itself is disturbing...







Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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Yep, yep, yep!  I agree @CriticalThinking.  One hundred percent!  You've hit the nail on the head.  Trump has become for those folks their  White Nationalist Supreme Leader and for them he can do no wrong--no matter how much wrong he says or does.  A mindset such as that is unfortunate, ill-advised, and dangerous as evidenced by the events in Charlottesville a few years ago and Portland, Oregon today.




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Nobody believes Trump. They just pretend to believe him because they will look like such idiots for having defended him before. 

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The believe Trump's LIES because he is their CULT LEADER. In a cult, the Supreme Leader is never wrong and no members of the cult are allowed to question him, criticize him, or disagree with their leader.


The real question is why or how did he become the Cult Leader of slightly less than 1/3 of the voting public, predominately from America's lowest educated states. I have a theory which I'm convinced is on the money.

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Okay, @CriticalThinking, let's have your theory!

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tRump holds his base because, for them, his lies bring "comfort".


His vicious attacks on immigrants and refugees who are not white feed their belief it's FOREIGNERS (and not their rapacious boss) who prevent them from getting a real pay raise.


His attacks on women and minorities feed their belief they were denied promotions because the Government was forcing their boss to promote women and blacks based on gender and race instead of competence.


His attacks on China (even while doing NOTHING to slow the export of good jobs to that country) work because they believe somehow CHINA is forcing American business leaders to move good American jobs across the Pacific.


His attacks on NATO feed the belief that America stands alone in defending free nations from Communism and Socialism and all of Europe are backsliding pinkos.


There is no hope for these bottom feeders, so their politicians who deliver on their misbegotten beliefs must GO!






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I think some completely believe what he says.  And that there is a fake news conspiracy against him. 


Others put up with his unethical/amoral behavior so that they can further their need for wealthy white christian male dominance.   It's a social structure they understand and thrive in.  

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He got elected by lies.

He will lose by being a liar.


Fake people without integrity get found out, but it does take time.



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