Honored Social Butterfly

In case some seem to have forgotten

   The US has been in a RECESSION for a number of months.    Each day that delays a stimulus to those who have been laid-off / fired / furloughed are now in the margins of being without financial support.   

    Service Industries that cannot function with  people being able to afford their services are cratering, aka Airline Industry,  Vacation Industry ( did the fai-righties forget / ignore the layoffs at Disney)?   or Gambling venues, or, or , or.


    Donald and some far-righties seem to believe that the only metric that matters is the Wall Street numbers.... but those numbers don't pay the bills of owners of small businesses in cities throughout the US.    Donald and the far-righties are deaf, dumb or blind - possibly all 3 to ignore that the Nation remains in a Recession and Donald has used every excuse and name calling to bollster his nonsense, that everyone is fine.    He now says that he wants to send everyone a check - as airlines fail and Mitch is hiding in some closet.   

     Yes, blame the GOP!   

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
Honored Social Butterfly

tRump inherited the longest economic expansion in history and KILLED IT WITH HIS STUPIDITY and desire to blame Democratic Governors for Covid no matter how many Americans died.


Seems no matter what donny inherited, he managed to screw it up beyond all recognition - first his daddy's fortune, then the US economy.



For details:



Honored Social Butterfly

Larry Kudlow said this morning that the economic numbers were really starting to go up...maybe he was looking at the wrong numbers. The only numbers really going up are the virus infection rates, and virus deaths. 
The economy will never really start to come back until the virus is brought under control...and trump has not, and will not be showing any control of the virus’s just getting worse. 

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