Honored Social Butterfly

Important questions about POTUS

Why does he attract so many crooks?

Why does he hire them?

Does he realize they are crooks when he hires them?

If not, why not?

Is he too dumb to be an effective POTUS?

Should his personality deficits prevent him from being POTUS?

Honored Social Butterfly

answer: because he is one himself!
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Honored Social Butterfly

My own feelings:


He is used to operating in a field where his actions are only limited by what he cannot get away with.


The notion of ethics is foreign to him. He does not even accept the notion of honor among thieves.


Additionally, he is not very smart, and thieves can and do take advantage of him.

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It's quite simple, that's because He's a crook himself. He's under the impression since he's the president he can and does as he pleases. He's scammed every contractor he's hired, filed for bankruptcy so he doesn't have to pay for anything and files insurance claims to reclaim his losses. So why not do the same under the guise that he's president.

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