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If Bolton is called upon to Testify in the Senate Trump Impeacement!

If Bolton is subpoenaed to testify at the Senate Trump Impeachment Trial, and refusese to under Executive privilege, he could be found guilty of obstruction of the Senate, and the Trump administration has handed Congress a great case for Obsturction by over using exeuctive privilege to date!


We all know that the Senate is controlled by Republicans, and they will be closely watched to see if they are capable of putting partisan politics aside to be impartial jurors during the Trump Impeachment Trial.  What the Republicans must aske themselves is, is Donald Trump worth throwing the entire Republican party under the bus with the 2020 elections right around the corner?

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The Republicans aren't a political Party anymore, they are a cult, tRump is their leader and McConnell will do anything to protect him.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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The republican party barely exists today as it has morphed into the hate everyone who refuses to fall for the constant lies pushed by crybaby donny party. Cultists don't care about much more than being able to claim that they "won" even though the majority lack the intelligence to see how badly their orange idol is destroying their lives while trying to destroy the lives of anyone who refuses to fall for his lies. As long as his cult lacks the intelligence to see his destruction they will continue to vote for trump and for the r/tp/con party. It takes each person to try explaining to their family, coworkers, and neighbors about how trump and the gop are hurting everyone, not just the democrats, and hope that you can open their eyes personally. The US intel agencies have stated that near 90% of online support for trump comes from foreign trolls and nationalists so there is little to nothing that can be accomplished via online discussions though their lies still need to be debunked. Urge everyone you know to get out and vote even if you have to take them to the polls and the r/tp/cons can not win at the polls even with their suppression and trolls spreading their obvious lies. The gop knows they will lose with a large turnout which is why they work so hard to limit votes of anyone they suspect will not vote for them. It will take work on the part of all of us to insure a big turnout but the little sacrifice in time to help save democracy and the country is the responsibility of everyone including those who claim to belong to the gop.
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