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I have been hearing today the criticisms about t Tiger Wood Statement about what is happening in this country , made by others.
That, he has never seen himself as "Black"  he doesn't understand the Black problems etc.etc etc.
So my question to you all, is Is Tiger Woods Black?
I am giggling about the fact that probably many think "she's gone crazy"  or "she doesn't know what she is talking about?  and other comments. 
But, I hate to tell you all. Yes, Tiger Woods is not black. and how do I know that?
Because his mother is Asian, where you all aware of the bit of information.? so in effect, Tiger Woods is defines as a person of mixed race..
Not white, and not Asian. 
In the same manner that Kim Kardasians kids are not black either, they are a mixture of black and white..
I am really hoping that we as a nation really understand races, and perhaps we can evolve to real equality in that area.

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I will call people whatever they want to be called. 

But I view Tiger Woods as black. Whether from the American cultural belief in the one drop rule, I don’t know. But that’s how I’d describe him if I didn’t know him. African American man with a medium complexion. 

Most biracial people I know consider themselves black. But they have the additional problem of often not being considered “black enough” by the black community. 

My youngest, who is almost 14, views his light skinned biracial friends as white. So I don’t know if the younger generation is perceiving things differently.

Where I live whites are a minority and none of my white friends (myself included) are married to white people. So our kids’ are all multiracial. Two of my kids present as white. Two as Arab. They do get treated differently by strangers. So while I will always call you what you want to be called, the way society sees you is important too. 

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@ManicProgressive  This morning I was discussing with my husband that, I can see something that I haven't seen before. And that this generation for the first time is really seeing the racial inequality that has existed.
I don't think that  my generation will do anything for the changes that are needed. but I am beginning to see that his new generation will be able to accomplish what it needs to happen.
Quoting a dear friend. "in Spain I am white, in the US I am Hispanic"

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Roxanna35:  But, I hate to tell you all. Yes, Tiger Woods is not black. and how do I know that?



You may be technically correct, but the reality is that Tiger Woods is viewed as a black man despite having a mixed heritage. The same with President Obama who was 50% black.

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