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Re: How will history see Comey?

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As more and more comes out about Comey's odd behavior, it seems increasingly evident that he was looking at himself as the reincarnation of J. Edgar Hoover. His track seemed to be headed toward being ensconced in power and flowingly robed with respect, but it took him to ignomy instead. He's definitely famous now, and nothing is going to change that. However, he will more often becompared with Benedict Arnold and Judas than JEH.

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How will history see Comey?

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The good news for Comey is that he will be financially well off for the rest of his life with speaking engagements and a book deal.  Just predicting, of course, but I believe it will happen. 


I wonder about his place in history, however. His motives in deviating from FBI protocol in announcing information about an ongoing investigation have always been suspect. To the Hlllary camp, he was out to get her. To the Trump camp, he was not pursuing her with enough efficiency.  Still, Trump lavished a LOT of praise on Comey for his "courage" in breaking with FBI protocol.  I believe he was seen as trying to help the Republicans (Comey is an avowed Republican). 


Now, he looks like a dupe.   Trump stated he fired Comey for............not following FBI protocol during the presidential election. Comey found out about it on the news as Trump had a letter hand delivered to his office in DC while he was out of town. 


I think the moral of this story is that protocols came about for a reason. Comey will forever be branded as an ignorant patsy to a slick hustler.  Not the legacy the head of the most effective law enforcement agency in the world wants to leave. 

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