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How to stop the rioting. Ask Obama to address the nation

If Trump actually wants to end the rioting in a matter of days, he should ask Obama to head a commission looking into the plight of blacks in America.  Obama's first act would be to address the nation and ask for calm.   


It would work if Obama addressed the nation.

Social Butterfly

It would work if Obama addressed the nation.


Obama can address the nation at any time. He does not need Trump's permission. And the sun will rise in the west before Trump names him to head any federal commission. Let's keep it real. I do not believe Obama could calm these waters in any case. Commissions and committees that will investigate for who knows how long will not calm these waters.


You want peace? Charge Chauvin with first degree murder, drop the manslaughter charge, and arrest and charge the 3 cops who did nothing. This is what should have happened in the first place. If it had, IMHO, we would not be in this mess. Protests would have been peaceful.




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Honored Social Butterfly

I quite agree that Trump would never do this. the question we were all asked earlier is "what would you do to stop the violence?".   The simple answer is to put a competent leader in change again.  Well, we can't have Obama but we will have Biden in January. I hope the nation survives Trump that long. 

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