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How to make sure that your vote is counted

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OH MY - the election may be delayed because of the problem...Donald will scream about voter fraud is the election is not called on Nov 3-4.   One does have to wonder when the far right is saying all this is a good thing.   


My response is Do your homework, know the deadlines in your own area and how that process works at both the state / county or local area.   Then share that information with everyone, especially those who cannot afford the luxury of the Internet because Corporate America didn't see fit to set it up in their area.  

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One way to make sure that we don't have a problem in Nov. is to vote at early voting in person and make sure that if you are able  to vote in person.  We may simply have to  take some risks in order to make sure that he cannot cry  foul. voee in person whenever possible.

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Good Article

The only thing I didn't see is in some states on your voter site, it will tell you when your mail in ballot arrive and then, after the election,  if there was any problem with it so that you can get it corrected and move from provisional to accepted.  This is a faster way of finding out the status of your vote than having to wait for a letter notification; I guess some election offices might also do call notices.

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