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How the SARS-CoV2 - Covid 19 virus pandemic -UnFolded in Sweden

Interesting read - SWEDEN and the Covid-19 virus - Complete with time line - actions / non-actions, science vs science, - politics vs science (or some science); numbers (and whose numbers and how they were counted).  Mask / no  mask / mask reprimands even in medical settings.  Not sending people to the hospital if over a certain age or BMI.  


Will Herd Immunity will have to be achieved at some point with the aid of a successful vaccine.


WOW - eye opening - what do you think?


a very few excerpts from the article is below -

Science 10/06/2020 - It’s been so, so surreal.’ Critics of Sweden’s lax pandemic policies fa... 


Sweden’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic is out of step with much of the world. The government never ordered a “shutdown” and kept day care centers and primary schools open. While cities worldwide turned into ghost towns, Swedes could be seen chatting in cafés and working out at the gym. The contrast evoked both admiration and alarm in other countries, with journalists and experts debating whether the strategy was brilliant—or whether Tegnell, its main architect, had lost the plot.


. . . . The frontal attack violated one of Sweden’s strongest cultural norms, the taboo on open disagreement,  (Science fighting Science)


Herd immunity is still not well understood, but scientists estimate that in the case of COVID-19, between 40% and 70% of a population would have to be immune to arrest the spread of the virus. Many scientists say reaching that percentage without the help of a vaccine would cause far too many deaths and long-term side effects.


If herd immunity is beginning to kick in, it should become visible in Sweden’s case numbers. Cases fell from a record 1698 on 24 June to about 200 per day in early September, and the percentage of positive tests reached a record low of 1.2%. Some speculate that Sweden’s summer traditions may have helped: Hundreds of thousands leave cities and towns for remote cabins in what amounts to 3 months of national social distancing.


At the time, numbers elsewhere in Europe were beginning to soar again, especially among young adults, whereas those in Sweden remained stable. But over the past few weeks, infections in Sweden have started to rise as well. On 25 September, FoHM reported 633 new cases nationwide in 1 day. Stockholm’s rates have nearly tripled in 2 weeks, from 334 in the second week of September to 967 last week. Whether immunity is making a big difference remains to be seen.


The Swedish experiment is coming to an end, as its policies fall in line with those of its neighbors.


But Ewing worries the fight has left permanent scars. He says at least three more members of the Vetenskapsforum are considering leaving Sweden, as Brusselaers did. And even if it turns out that the country has built up enough immunity to evade a new wave of disease, he says, the price has been too high. “I worry that countries around the world are going to say, ‘We can try what Sweden did.’ But we have killed too many people already.”


read the WHOLE article -


Honored Social Butterfly

What is most significant in the paper is how the death rate in Sweden (590/million) is virtually the same as in the US (591/M) where mask wearing is "political" while places that required masks early on are doing considerably better - Norway, 50/M; Denmark 103/M; Germany 113/M. 


Not sure how people can deny the connection - the virus is airborne - you get it from breathing the same air as someone with the virus - and NOBODY can tell if they have Covid and can pass it on without a test. Just ask the folks in the West Wing and Herman Cain how that "masks are for sissies" policy of their Toad worked out for them and their families.

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So, it sounds like herd immunity may be promoted nice, who will be selecting the 2-4 million that will be sacrificed for this plan?

Apparently, 217,000 deaths are not enough! Or just doing the work of testing, masks, sufficient medical supplies, and distancing...of which trump has not done. 

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That still does not explain why we are doing worse with our numbers than in Sweden because they didn't close down anything - not schools, not restaurants etc.   We closed down pretty much everything for a month or more.  Schools much longer and most restaurants still aren't open all the way.


The problem which I have with all of this comparison and the way it is being used - good or bad - is because it does not seem we are all counting in the same way.

Kind of hard to do a comparison if you aren't comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges.


I think the WHO has this type of problem on a regular basis and not just with pandemic numbers.

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@GailL1 wrote

The problem which I have with all of this comparison and the way it is being used - good or bad - is because it does not seem we are all counting in the same way.

Kind of hard to do a comparison if you aren't comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges.


We haven't been counting the same way since day one.  The US president has  practiced the science of Herd Immunity.  Now his deals with pharma execs have failed, the herd should just keep running loose, "Don't be afraid"?  He is staging a Death March and has no lack of volunteer killers to continue doing that bidding.







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Looks like the WHO has been wrong about everything concerning the China virus...  Good article Gail, thanks for posting.




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Try reading the full article as it tells you what they did did not work and they are changing back to what all other countries are doing but Trump  and even most States in the US do not follow Trump.

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We have heard for ome time now that the policy did not work and as the article states they are starting to use what everyone does.

For Trump it is a different story. Trump moves to it as he has no policy and herd immunity is no policy. Just let all get sick and see it it will go away. It fits in with Trump perfectly. Trump has his quack Dr. from FOX now preaching it from the WH, and by last night all the so called commentators preaching it. That means all the Trump supporters will be doing the same.

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