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How Will the Left React to Another 4 Years of President Trump?

I'm laughing just thinking about it. We know we'll hear words like illegitimate, rigged, stolen, the ruskies you know, blah, blah, blah. In fact... 

Every time they’ve lost since 1968, they’ve called it illegitimate—except for the 49-state landslides.


We know there will be more screaming, more vandalism, more outrage, more riots and more arrests. What I do suspect is a greater push for secession, after the ban on sanctuary cities. The left will increasingly wish to separate from America and create a "free summer of love  society". 


It could get ugly.  

Libs are nuttier than squirrel poop
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Fishslayer's guess was wrong. Here are some of the reasons DECENT Americans, not those on the left, hate Comrade Trump.

  • The man is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR
  • Trump insults everyone who disagrees with him or criticizes him
  • He surrounded himself with CONVICTED FELONS
  • He does NOT allow diversity of opinion. Nobody is allowed to disagree with him.
  • He calls the FREE PRESS an Enemy of the People
  • He turned many of the Republican Party traditional values upside down.
  • He's been attacking the FBI non-stop for 3 1/2 years
  • He turned the Justice Dept. into his political law firm
  • His cabinet members have to swear loyalty to Trump instead of the Constitution.
  • He's done nothing about Kim Jong Un, except send him LOVE LETTERS
  • He is Vladimir's Flunky

The real question, is why do his Cult members support a low life like Trump. Decent Americans want somebody to restore respect, integrity, independence, and honesty to the office of the president.


We also want a president who PUTS AMERICA FIRST

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I think an equal question needs to be asked...will the far right accept defeat??? Will Trump? He has already admitted he doesn't like losing. Will the KKK march and protest, along with Qanon and other groups??? It works both ways!
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@Fishslayer777   The biggest problem with the title of this thread is that not all that will not vote for Trump are Liberals or leftists. they are like myself. a true Republican of very good standing. that is refusing to see my party, the party of many great men stained  for ever by this man.

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I know, right?  LOL!!


They will continue to scream at the sky and whine like a bunch of two year olds that don't get their way... 


It's a good thing the adults are in charge,  It's going to be alright. 


It will be interesting to see who leaves the country and where they go...



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