Honored Social Butterfly

How Trump’s Demands for a Full House in Charlotte Derailed a Convention

A good rule of thumb is that "Everything Trump touches, fails".  The RNC convention is no exception. Not well thought out, conflicting goals, and Trump's inability to worry about the impact the pandemic has had on anyone but him.  Well, Florida will love him.  Until it votes blue in November. 



after a high-stakes and public feud with Democratic officials in a state he won four years ago, Mr. Trump and the Republican National Committee are moving to largely shift convention proceedings, including the president’s acceptance speech on the final night, out of Charlotte. After a call with the R.N.C., state chairmen officially told delegates that they should hold off on purchasing airline tickets to Charlotte for the late-August event.


How the convention unraveled two years after Charlotte was selected is the story of an uneasy partnership between Republican officials and mostly Democratic leaders in North Carolina; a president who coveted a coronation and delivered an unyielding imperative to the state’s governor; and the extraordinary disruption from a global pandemic that transformed public life in the country. Once it became clear that health concerns over the coronavirus threatened the possibility of a full-throated celebration for the president, the fragile alliance buckled under the weight of partisan acrimony. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Whatever state Trump chooses to create his toxic Petri Dish in, I gotta believe that it will be sparsely attended as Trump will not only demand to 'pack them in' .... he will demand "no masks" .... all while he stays hundreds of feet away from his gullible death wish audience.



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