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How NM and AZ handled the pandemic differently.

New Mexico would have far fewer Covid-19 cases except for border traffic with AZ and TX. Both states which opened earlier and with less precautions. When Covid cases began to climb in NM, the governor mandated wearing of masks and closing indoor eateries. As we wait for the Federal Government to ramp up testing programs, New Mexico is building a stronger future by not sacrificing her citizens. 



Arizona reopened rapidly in defiance of a novel coronavirus. It’s quickly become a canonical example of how not to respond to a pandemic. And you don’t have to look far for the tortoise to Arizona’s hare: New Mexico, its close neighbor in the Desert Southwest, has taken a more deliberate approach.

The two states start in a similar place, seen through early virus exposure. They end in a similar place, seen through levels of economic activity. But the slower, steadier path New Mexico followed differed in crucial ways. As did the human cost.

You can see it all in one statistic: Arizona has seen almost three times as many coronavirus cases as New Mexico, after adjusting for its much larger population. It’s one of the worst rates in the nation; a grisly illustration of the cost of reopening the economy without containing the coronavirus. 

Honored Social Butterfly

  Unfortunately, there is a lot of cross stateline business and college student travel between El Paso and Las Cruces. 

   I don't remember the AZ / NM, but I don't believe there are not any large  communities on the western NM border (thank goodness).   


     Stay Safe. 

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