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House votes to curtail Insurrection Act powers

Looks like the dems are a bit concerned about the president invoking the insurrection act. Go figure. Seems a bit of a paradox that in 2006 congress expanded the Insurrection Act by giving the executive branch more authority and now want to reel in the president from using it.


The ever changing tide of politics. 


However for me... I prefer to let the democrat run cities just continue to self consume themselves and let the voters decide when they had enough.  Protect Federal property, protect Federal infrastructure and let the local authorities control or be controlled by lawlessness and the mob. Maybe defunding law enforcement will help y'all. 


So... Everyone gets what they want.... right? but don't call FEMA to bail you out after your cities look like a third world country, while you expect the US tax payers to cover your incompetence. I'm beginning to see the light. 


Let the carnage begin ... that's the ticket.


Libs are nuttier than squirrel poop
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