Honored Social Butterfly

House must investigate tRump spawn

Ivanka and Jarrad made over $4MILLION running a pay to play operation in the tRump (heavily mortgaged) properties for the last 3 years.


Want to speak to the Toad? Book rooms.

Want to meet with the Toad? Book LOTS of rooms

Want to listen in on Top Secret conversations? Join the club.


If the innumerable violations of the emoluments clause are not investigated, the Democrats will be as bad as the GOPerBots in ignoring the criminality of the gutless draft dodging preppytwit Putin put in the White House.

Honored Social Butterfly

As the House Investigation was in process I said many times that the investigation should have been expanded before sending Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Violations of the emoluments clause should most definitely have been included in Articles of Impeachment. Any documents and financial disclosures would surely have been blocked by tRump, but they should have subpoenaed them and waited for the courts to rule on it. The Democrats dropped the ball. Will they pick it back up? I just don't know.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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