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Hero Waitress!

Remember the video of the vulgar racist CEO Toad Worshiper who verbally abused a young Filipino couple celebrating a birthday with a dinner out?  The waitress on duty threw the bum out, telling him to never come back, and since she did that, she's gotten $78,000 in TIPS from customers who are likewise INTOLERANT OF RACISM! even when the ToadPOTUS promotes it.

Her advice to others? When you see something SAY SOMETHING! We've got to stop this kind of hate wherever we find it.


There's more decent people than tRump Worshipers - we WILL win this!

Honored Social Butterfly

One actual racists and Olderscout makes it sounds like it common among Republicans. Sorry to disappoint you but you are wrong. Democrats still have 200 years of racism ingrained in their souls.

Honored Social Butterfly

Problem with Republicans is they THINK they're still the party of Lincoln instead of admitting they became the Party of Limbaugh. After the civil war, the racists of the South voted Democratic for 100 years just so they wouldn't vote "for Lincoln", but in 1964, all those DIXIECRATS fled the Party and have voted Republican ever since, and since 1968 they controlled the GOP because Nixon proved with his "Southern Strategy" GOPers could win elections WITH THE RACISTS!


...and it's not "a single racist", it's THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN CAUCUS FROM ToadPOTUS on down to the county clerks who embrace the racists, Nazis, White Supremacists, antivacers and cryptoXians that make the GOP the Party of Hate and Division.


While it is true not all Republicans are racist, THE ELECTED ONES ALL ARE, and the one's who elected them know that. Remember, only 9% of Germans (6.5M of 69.6M) actually JOINED the Nazi Party. It's not what you SAY, its what you do that makes one a racist.


What was the last "civil rights" legislation some Republican sponsored?

Honored Social Butterfly

Olderscout:  Problem with Republicans is they THINK they're still the party of Lincoln instead of admitting they became the Party of Limbaugh.



That's true, but they seem incapable of learning that fact. They may have started as the party of Lincoln, but they've traveled full circle from that to being the party sympathetic to the Confederacy.

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