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Here are ten key questions about the Mueller Probe that are so far unanswered.....

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I thought this a very, very interesting read, and I gave answers to the 10 key questions.

#1, I expect Don Jr. to be charged with lying to Congress. Their version of the story on the Trump Tower has changed at least 3 times.

#2, I believe there was kompromat, or more likely collusion. Team Russia asked team Trump if they wanted dirt on DNC and HIllary. Team Trump said yes.

#3, Very possible Manafort shared polling data with Russia. I believe Cohen has indincated he did already.

#4, possibly Manafort and possiblyTrump I think may have directed Roger Stone to get Wikileaks info.

#5, Yes, possibly Manafort, Cohen or even Trump.

#6, ABSOLUTELY Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting. He knew everything about it.

#7, possibly. Too soon tot ell about Saudi Arabia and UAE and how they may fit into this.

#8, Russia had a contact working within the NRA. She was busted not too long ago.

#9, possibly Trump may be subpoened. Stay Tuned!!

#10, because he has LOTS to hide!!!!!!!!


10 key unanswered questions in the Mueller Probe.

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