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Having elections doesn't mean that you have a Democracy

There seems to be the misconception that just because the US has elections that , that alone makes this country a Democracy.
I will remind all that there are many countries out there in which Democracy does not exist and they all have elections.
The most notable. Russia. Cuba, Bellar Russe and so many other dictatorshisps through out the world that have elections and they elect the same dictators over and over again.
A Democratic system or a Republic  are system that have institutions that make them what they are.

The have free press without the attacks, they have Institutions that are not attacked by anyone. They have freedoms that are not curtailed by fear.  and they have the respect of their Constitution.

Democracies need to be nurtured, and guarded. Any attempt to erode  them constitute an attack on them. And many times elections will not be effective enough to sustain them.
The belief that elections ae the beginning and end of a Democracy depends on the belief of their integrity. And when doubt begins to erode that belief you are on your way down to loose that Democracy.
These elections will demonstrate how strong is that belief.  let's all show that we still believe in our Constitution, in our Insitutions, in our free press without fear. in our rights as citizens. and show the world that we are that most amazing country and that no one will ever again will doubt that they can come and destroy what we have had for so many years.

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