Honored Social Butterfly

Harris comes with a digital juggernaut

Harris is a moderate who had to drop out of the presidential primary race  but over the past few years, she has built out a robust digital network of supporters and a track record of highly successful engagement strategies. The New York Times once referred to her email list as “a kind of stealth weapon,” deployed to raise millions of dollars not just for the first-term senator but also on behalf of other Democratic candidates.


She made extensive use of the Democratic organizing platform called Mobilize. They  partnered with the Harris campaign on events and volunteer recruitment from her earliest days in the race.“The way they thought about digital organization from the beginning of the campaign was really innovative and smart,” stated the founder and CEO of Mobilize. Yet another arrow in Biden quiver. 



Through her policies, Harris has gained a reputation for being a pragmatist rather than an idealist, and a centrist rather than a progressive. But her place in the middle hasn’t prevented her from drawing the type of enthusiastic online fan base that many of her competitors, like Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang, cultivated through more populist appeals. In a moment as politically charged as this one, and in an election confined to socially distanced stages, that digital resonance will play a particularly important role.

“Kamala’s digital organizing operation will be a huge asset to the Biden–Harris ticket as they work to turn out voters in an election year marked by a global public health pandemic and concerted efforts to sabotage mail-in-voting by Trump and Republican state officials,” Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn, said in an email. (The president has repeatedly made false claims about the security of mail-in voting, and his campaign and the Republican National Committee have sued Nevada over the state’s attempt to expand mail-in voting during the pandemic.) 

Honored Social Butterfly

At a virtual grassroots fundraiser with Harris, Biden said that in the past 24 hours "we raised $26 million."


And he noted that 150,000 of the donors were first time contributors to his presidential campaign.


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