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Hanover Alum letter to Pence

The letter to Vice President Mike Pence from Hanover alumni


Mikey boy sold out, didn't he?



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@alferdpacker wrote:

The letter to Vice President Mike Pence from Hanover alumni


Mikey boy sold out, didn't he?



Thank you alferdpacker.  My security service says the link is not 'bugged'.  It is a MUST.  IF you care about ethics or morality go to this one.  IF you are a Christian you had better for it is an eloquent and elegant critique of those who profess to be what they are not. 

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BRAVO!! Good for them! And very well said!

"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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alferdpacker--Wow! What a powerful letter.  I've often felt that Pence destroyed any further political ambitions by aligning himself with Trump, but these kids "vocalized" my random thoughts wonderfully!! If Pence still has any moral compass at all, this should have hit home, hard.  Personally, probably just rolled off his swamp slime covered back.

Great little tid bit--thanks!!!

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
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Pence is part Pharisee - part Publican.



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I don’t get that Hanover alumni letter to Pence.


I know he says he’s a Christian but he’s not. If Christians are anything, they are 10 Commandment people. We all know that is a list of things he won’t do.

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