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I am seeing a turn in all of this that I don't like. and that may impact  the     2020 elections.    Trump is at this point, providing his base with what he promised that he would  do. and that is appointing  as many conservative judges as he can.
His base is at this point elated at all of this, and this is a very  important factor for most of them.
These elections are going to be very difficult. and not easy to obtain, and if the Democrats make the mistake in  simply looking at the polls   this may go down as another   Trump reelection.
Yes, he will not go gently into the night.    but    beware of his actions they may be  a lot more  effective  that you all think.

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Trump will have no problem accepting when he....wins in another land slide in Nov. By that time joe will have become the one who will not leave, thinking he won. He will have his vp running mate to back him up because she still thinks she won the governors race. You just can not make this stuff up. lol joe has been a continual candidate for president over the last couple decades. The problem is he forgets he ever ran. Sometimes he thinks he is running for the senate or that he is still the vp. No,  President Trump will be around for another 9 years. The Trump dynasty will continue for a third term! Thank You!

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@quidduo   In response to your  post.




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I'll drink Kool-aid if he is re-elected!

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@mimi0000    You  are funny, why kool aid?    Thankfully, I am a very   objective person that will make sure that I post anything that I see that may pose a problem   I never count the chickens before they are hatch. And I don 't want the Democrat to get caught sleeping at the wheel.  so to speak.
So I will continue to post where the works needs to be done in order to make sure that Trump doesn't get elected in  2020

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He will be happy to leave after the 2024 election and hand the keys to Mike Pence...  Oh my, what will the dimms do then?


More screaming at the sky I suppose...











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Put it simply Re: t




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@jimc91     Dear   Jim.  counting  your chickens    be   fore they are hatched?   Wow!!!!!!
There is nothing more  hilarious ,than when you see  optimism coming out  when things are so bad for the  Trump  Followers.
I guess that when things go as bad as they have become,   They really have to show their alliance to  actually  make believe that things are going OK
The Economy is a disaster,   40 Million of American don't have a job .  the pandemic is killing   not only the elderly  but anyone  that   has underlying conditions. Now the hospitals are full with not old people but with young people.
The rest of the world don't even want us near them.
Chaos is ,king. and you think   Trump or actually any President under these conditions has a chance?  There is not a black that will vote for him.  nor a Latino.  And the young population that never votes, it seems that they will come out in thousands.     
So,  who at this time are the Trump supporters.? The seniors,  not only they are dying but the ones that are alive will not vote at all.
Trump has a core of voters but that c re has diminished sinced  2016    a lot.  the Independents  this time will vote for Biden.  they want     stability and the end of the Chaoes. so who will vote for him?

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