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Anus-lips is scared... and he should be.  He has fanned the fires of hate since he came into Office. 

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 Barr's so scared he crawled up Trump's butt until he ran into Hannity and Kellyanne.








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He should be scared. he is fanning what he has sowed. I don't think that he understand what is happening. Is not just judicial justice is what have been happening in the last three years.
What has changed? Not for the people, only for the few. Were are all those jobs that were going to return to this country?  
and yes the economy has been good, but not for all. salaries are still not where they should be. Yes there are jobs for all. but those jobs are not the jobs that will make this society prosper.
And now we have a President, that is now an impeached man that wants to be re elected. because he has done so well? He has undermine all our institutions laughed at the Constitution. attacks  anyone that doesn't agree with him. has no morality at all. and as  a Christian, I don't think that I will be in the the same  place  that he will be.
And now, over 100,000 death that perhaps could have been less. he is trying to double that amount by opening this country when is not  ready and  send our children to school and I am not so sure with what  safety precautions. 
All of those protesters  are part of Americans without  jobs and jobs that may never come back. and they are angry. There are more than just the judicial justice that we know we need. This is the burst of the anger that has been inside for a long time.  And he is so stupid that instead of calming down the people he exacerbates them  Like I have said this will be his Achilles heel. he will go down

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@mimi0000 wrote:

Anus-lips is scared... and he should be.  He has fanned the fires of hate since he came into Office. 

And those who helped Trump get into office, White Supremacists and Russians, have turned protests into violent riots!



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While rage causes people to do terrible things, so does cold, calculating Republican dogma.


The presence of so many long guns among the "protesters" strikes me as a clear sign the GOP is sending in their shock troops to create enough carnage to twist public attention away from the murder of an innocent black man and toward the GOPer's go-to mantra "LAW & ORDER".


With the infantile ToadPOTUS echoing generations of racist reactions to anti-racist protests, the death toll will increase as more of his Nazi and White Supremacist followers AGAIN feel empowered knowing the Office of the President supports them.


The only way to curb the violence is to remove the ToadPOTUS who gives it "legitimacy", and chase Toad and his Tadpolls back into the swamp he's been expanding since 21 Jan 2016.

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