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In March, the Supreme Court will hear its first abortion case since Justice Brett Kavanaugh replaced Anthony Kennedy, who had been the swing vote on abortion cases. A decision is expected by summer.


KHN - HEALTHBENT 01/17/2020 - With Fate Of Roe V. Wade Unsure, Abortion Fight Shifts To New Territor... 


To read more about this case, read the above link in its entirity.

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 To me pro-life means feeding the hungry healing the sick caring for our elderly sheltering the homeless defending the weak and protecting this planet from abuse....

Further .regardless what men have written as law in the past ..... without a fight,   women shall never go back to those times of no rights, no property, no wealth, existing only to provide   an heir and a spare and   when a male had ownership of our body.    

That's why I'm a democrat not a republican.     .   


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Roe vs Wade became law in January 1973 and we adopted our daughter at the end of that same year - as an infant, 3-days old when we brought her home.  Even back then, adoptable infants were hard to find.  We had been turned down by our local adoption agency for trying to adopt a toddler of a different race/ethnicity because of a cultural thing.  So we did a private adoption thru a rural doctor and the legal team.  All I knew about the birth mother was that she had several other children and just didn't have room for another - Thank You, birth mother - you made our life complete.


The court case isn't actually about abortion but about the credentials of those who are performing the procedure.  But we all know that it is just a means to get an end result. 


Seems to me, a bigger plan would be to expand education and avalable access to contraceptives, morning after, medical abortion medication and leave the surgical-type ones for the most rare cases - and in that vein, the surgical ones could be done by many more physicians treating their patients.


Doesn't it all go back to the reason why a woman has waited for this (surgical) procedure.

Women need to take control of their lives and handle it - there are so many, many ways nowadays.

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