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Great Presidents lead from the front

Great leaders and competent Presidents "lead from the front". They get ahead of crises and offer solutions or inspire others. Bad or incompetent leaders often allow events and crises to get out of control first.


Perhaps a good recent example of this was with Jimmy Carter when he was President. Somehow intelligence was either ignored or was absent when the crisis in Iran blew up in 1979. That led eventually to a hostile Islamic state being established in one of our key allies. Ultimately Iranians captured 52 Americans and held them hostage for more than a year.


Somehow President Carter never seemed to get ahead of events. The last two years of his presidency, he seemed to be like a deer in the headlight. The result was that he suffered a humiliating loss to Ronald Reagan in 1980.


A decade later President George H W Bush showed brilliant leadership in assembling an international coalition of nations to oust Iraq out of Kuwait in Desert Storm. It was brilliantly executed and over in six weeks. His popularity went sky high.


But while Bush was preoccupied with international events, he seemed to ignore that the economy in the United States was going into a recession. He was seen as aloof and out of touch with ordinary Americans. In a three way race, George H W Bush lost his bid for a second term to Bill Clinton whose campaign slogan seemed to be "it's the economy, stupid".


When the stock market crashed in 1929, President Herbert Hoover tried to reassure the nation. But as the great depression followed, he resisted and opposed any government assistance or involvement with those who had lost their jobs and allowed a banking crisis to get out of hand. Again, he was soundly defeated by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1932.


FDR wasted no time in taking action. His first 100 days as President saw a whole series of efforts to deal with the nation's worst economic crisis in history. FDR showed bold leadership from the front.


Throughout our nation's history, those leaders and Presidents who are remembered as "great" are those who faced a serious crisis and was able to lead from the front. Abraham Lincoln was faced with the southern states seceding from the nation. He could have taken the easy way out and let them go, or he could assert that no state had the right to secede from the union. He was willing to risk and deal with a bloody four year civil war to save the union.


Franklin D Roosevelt was faced with two crises. The first was a total collapse of the economy and the second was a major world war.


Later JFK had to deal with the Soviet Union establishing missiles in Cuba, just 90 miles from our nation. Again, he took bold action as well as exhibiting calm and restraint to not only get rid of those missiles in Cuba, but to avoid a nuclear war.


So how will our current President be seen through the eyes of history? I know that answer. He won't look good. My guess is that come November, Trump will learn the result, which probably would be a humiliating defeat.

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Today, IMPOTUS seems to finally be taking the coronavirus seriously, or at least, he is sticking to the script handed to him.  He is trying to rally Americans together even going as far as acknowledging a recession could very well be on the way and there is nothing he can do about it, but says this country will come back strong. 


Too late?  COVID-19 is already out of control.  Obviously, IMPOTUS didn't inspire a whole lot of confidence earlier since store shelves are empty and now he's asking people not to hoard.


WHY wasn't this his prerequisite back in January?  He denied.  He dismissed.   He fumbled badly when he had a chance to shine as a true leader and take charge and hit this crisis head on and hit it hard and rally the troops together then.


For god's sakes, George W. Bush had the highest approval rating of any president ever in the wake of 9/11, because he stepped up and galvanized all Americans, Democrats and Republicans, together in a common cause in the face of tragedy.




Summed it up Perfect. Thank you.
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