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GovTrack: Kamala Harris Further Left than ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders

BY:  Joel Pollak


The non-partisan website rated Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) the most left-wing member of the Senate in 2019 — further left than “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

In 2018, Harris was ranked the fourth-most left-wing. But by 2019 — a year she spent running for president — Harris had moved to the furthest extreme.


She was an early co-sponsor of the Senate version of the “Green New Deal” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), as well as the “Medicare for All” bill introduced by Sanders, which would have eliminated all private health insurance.


Harris also supported granting free health care to illegal aliens, slashing military budgets, and other radical proposals.


GovTrack explained its ratings: “Our unique ideology analysis assigns a score to Members of Congress according to their legislative behavior by how similar the pattern of bills and resolutions they cosponsor are to other Members of Congress. The score can be interpreted as a conservative—liberal scale, although of course it only takes into account a small aspect of reality.” The most conservative score is 1.00; the most liberal score possible is 0.00.


Harris ranked #100 — the “least conservative,” or most liberal, Senator on the list, and the only one to score a “0.00”:


#90 0.16 Sen. Chris Van Hollen [D-MD]
#91 0.15 Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL]
#92 0.14 Sen. Amy Klobuchar [D-MN]
#93 0.12 Sen. Richard Blumenthal [D-CT]
#94 0.10 Sen. Edward “Ed” Markey [D-MA]
#95 0.09 Sen. Mazie Hirono [D-HI]
#96 0.07 Sen. Cory Booker [D-NJ]
#97 0.07 Sen. Jeff Merkley [D-OR]
#98 0.03 Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY]
#99 0.02 Sen. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders [I-VT]
#100 0.00 Sen. Kamala Harris [D-CA]

The New York Times called Harris a “pragmatic moderate” in its coverage of Harris’s announcement as Joe Biden’s running mate.




This is why Trump refers to them as "the failing NY Times" ...  They are still lying to you!  Kamala Harris is NOT a moderate, just look at her voting record.







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Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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The problem for the GOP today is that this is no longer a disqualifier. 

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Richva wrote:

The problem for the GOP today is that this is no longer a disqualifier. 



Boy ain't THAT the truth!!  Insanity is in and sanity is out, UNLESS President Trump is re-elected.   If, God forbid, it's a biden/harris win... Welcome to the NEW, even more liberal and socialistic, Democratic party 2020!


Regarding harris being further left than sanders...i think a lot of people are going to be surprised how far left she really is.  But like the poster said...being left/socialist is no longer a big deal...unlike in the days that law and order was the rule.  Under a biden/harris presidency... law and order, right over we've always known it...will be a distant memory.

TRUMP-PENCE 2020!!! To Save This Country From The Insanity of The Dems!
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@jimc91    Your post



no name
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Here we go...back down the misinformation opposition highway. 
Harris is a far left liberal, and the NYT is lying to us...and trump is telling us the truth...same trump enablers, same script, same results...the truth doesn’t matter, only what trump feeds his cult.

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Trump and party are SO far to the right, anything to their left is considered socialist!! LOL!
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