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GOPerGovs Try Human Sacrifice to Stop tRumpvid20

Seems all the Republicqan Governors have decided profits for Corporate Oligarchs are more important than long happy lives for their citizens.


They are opening many non essential businesses with ZERO evidence they have stopped the INCREASE in cases of Covid19, let alone gotten to the down trend.

The businesses they open appeal to their political base - hair and nail salons, tattoo parlors and bars. But the GOPerGovs have NO plans to provide the workers in those venues with PPE, and it seems highly unlikely the workers will be changing whatever they can cobble together for masks, face protectors, hats, shoes and protective outerware during their shift. So while it is possible the workers will be protected to a reasonable degree, not so much for their customers who will be sitting down next to everybody who came ahead of them's virus. Same obviously applies to restaurants


The GOPerGov of Iowa has said the Tyson meat processing plants should reopen - they've been the source of around 90% of the reported cases of tRumpvid20, and the reasons are not rocket science. Lots of the workers are undocumented,  so they are not likely to go to a doctor even with the Company's health care if they feel a little under the weather.  And of course, there's no indication anybody was issued PPE by Tyson, or will be in the future, and remember, this stuff needs to be CHANGED regularily to remain of any real use in keeping the wearer safe.


So let's sit back and wait for the results - how many lives will be sacrificed on the Republican Altar of Profit? How many GOPers will care?


World wide several countries are opening back up BUT THEY HAVE HALTED THE VIRUS SPREAD! We don't even know how bad the situation is because there was no National effort to find out (numbers might've made Toad "look bad") ecause of our grossly inadequate testing and no National leadership.

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Republican governors are determined to prove Darwin's theory!

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