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Re: GOP scream DEEP STATE and then hide when real case uncovered

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As I have said before what you see here is part of the total problem in our country. The far right under the leadership of Dictator Trump doing all they can  to make Trump the total Dictator and make sure all opposition is ended. This is what happened in Germany in the 1930 as Hitler took power. There was another good TV program on this today on the AHC. Go watch it. You could take Hitler out and replace him with Trump. You have to solve the total problem to solve the parts of the problem. End Dictator Trump, and the far right in 2020 if we have elections.

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Honored Social Butterfly

Re: GOP scream DEEP STATE and then hide when real case uncovered

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Just like Sarah Sanders - conservatives and republicans lie, and lie, and lie...


They got caught lying this time...



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Honored Social Butterfly

GOP scream DEEP STATE and then hide when real case uncovered

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   I know, the ignobles hate it when they get caught up in their own rhetoric, but this is a BFD and it has been unraveling recently.

   Most here should know that the current WH regime wants to add a census question to the Q10 year census,  planning that many will not fill out the form because of that question.   Courts were dragging their feet a bit and then investigators innocently acquired a bunch of records from the daughter of a guy who was known as the father of gerrymandering.   That was May 30.  

    That hit the news and then RW poo-poo'd the entire affair.    

The Justice Department responded with indignant denial. It insisted that the plaintiffs could not link Hofeller to the Commerce Department (which oversees the Census Bureau), Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, or the Census Bureau itself. Thus, the plaintiffs lacked proof that Hofeller’s study played any role in the development on the citizenship question.


 On Friday night, however, voting rights advocates released new evidence connecting Hofeller directly to the Census Bureau. The evidence comes from Hofeller’s hard drives, which his daughter gave to a voting rights group after his death. It reveals that Christa Jones, current chief of staff to Census Bureau deputy director Ron Jarmin, personally communicated with Hofeller, emailing him about the citizenship question in 2015—months before Hofeller authored the study explaining how the question would benefit white voters and disadvantage non-white ones.* Jones played a key role in the creation of the citizenship question, so these emails seem to disprove the administration’s claims that Hofeller had nothing to do with the manipulation of the census.


Crista Jones, who has been embedded in the shrouds of the Census department since 2010...there you have it - a deep state federal employee working against the majority of the people in the US.....That folks is your deep state.   Will the ignoble donald supporters deny this - most likely....they seem to deny anything of which they have been programmed / brain washed to believe anything that is bad in FED is all Dems...ooopsie.

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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