Honored Social Butterfly

GOP are no longer PRO-LIFE

   Every GOP Govenor that wants to ignore social distancing and stay at home orders and declare that the US needs to open up for business regardless of risks is putting lives at danger.    How can that be "pro-life".

    Here in TX, we have a TeaParty Lt. Governor who is quite blatant:   Seniors (undefined) need to be willing to die if it improves the economy.   Here is the interview with Fox:


      And while there, don't miss the interview with Las Vegas Mayor     but I digress!


    Once and often they resort to "every life is special and meaningful"    remember the Schivo debate / debacle where GOP demanded that a woman on life support must remain in that coma forever and not be taken off life support?   


     GOP is no longer- they have devolved into a group of whiners about the topic of the moment - trying to hide from the "wrath" of donald.      They have lost any of their once supposed  moral authority and some here seem to believe that is ok.    wowzer.



PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
Honored Social Butterfly

Re: GOP are no longer PRO-LIFE




Their continual attempts to kill Medicare and Social Security, cut Medicare funding, cut Social Security benefits, kill the ACA (Affordable Care Act)  and kill it while over 32 million Americans were receiving their health care through the ACA undeniably shows that THE GOP WERE NEVER PRO-LIFE!!!



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