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Re: GOP Installs Russian Spy in DOJ

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Bet Putin is pleased to see that liddle donnie has paid attention and is following orders.

Putin will give trump a bunch more shortly...



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Re: GOP Installs Russian Spy in DOJ

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Somehow people with ties to Russia and are affiliated with Trump are a dime a dozen and the GOP is fine with this? Sort of an odd turn of events for the party that used to brag they were all about national security.

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Honored Social Butterfly

GOP Installs Russian Spy in DOJ

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Today the Congress voted to allow Trumps Nomination of a Russian Spy - Brian A. Benczkowski - to have his Nomination voted on in the full Senate - all Republicans plus Dem Traitor Joe Manchin voted aye - every other Democrat voted no...


Trump Nominated Brian A. Benczkowski to be Assistant Attorney General in charge of all Criminal Investigstions in the US JUSTICE DEPT. & he will be next in line under Rosenstein to supervise the Mueller Investigation 


Brian A. Benczkowski has never tried a Civil or Criminal Case in a Federal Court 


Brian A. Benczkowski - was on the Trump Transition Team 


Brian A. Benczkowski - Represented Russian Alfa Bank - Alfa Bank has close ties to Putin - Alfa Bank has been implicated in the Trump Mueller Investigation because servers in the Trump Organization frequently communicated with Alfa Bank servers during the campaign


The “Alfa  Group” is mentioned in the infamous ‘Steele dossier,’ a sometimes speculative and even salacious document that circulated in well placed circles in the US in the months following the election of Donald Trump, about Trump-Russia ties. Steele says this corporation has a “current closeness” with Putin. The Alfa Group is the larger umbrella entity that includes the Alfa Bank Benckowski represented


Why would Trump Nominate this controversial person? He has no Prosecutorial Experience and he would supervise 600 US JUSTICE DEPT LAWYERS in some of the most high profile criminal cases the US Government Prosecutes 


Bob Mueller - Christopher Wray - previously held this position


It smells horrible



( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

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" - Anonymous

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