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GOP Bailout Hypocrisy

   I know, that is not new, BUT


   Moscow Mitch et al wants to cut the amount of money to those who cannot find a job from 2400 / month to 800 / month - which does not allow a person let alone a family be able to survive.    The only way the RW will believe that is fair is by separating the number of job losses from the number of 'for hire" jobs as they are no where near equivalent numbers.    

    But on their supposed good idea, they have extended money that businesses can borrow and possibly not repay this year.     This is known as kick the can.  

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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GOP Bailout Hypocrisy



Never cooperate with Republicans to bail out Wall Street and the stock market with the condition of we'll help the peons later.


Later will never come.

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Here is something for all to look at in the GOP bailout. There is a ton of money to redo the current FBI building so the FBI does not move to a cheaper new building at a different location.

What is behind this.

Trump. He does not want the FBI to move from its current location across the street from his Hotel.

Why? The current FBI building would be torn down and sold so a new hotel could be built on the site. Trump does not want competition to his hotel. This fight has been going on for sometime now, and was a reason Trump was going to sell his hotel, but the deal fell through.

I think the amount we are talking about is something like 2 billion. To me that sounds like a lot so someone check that out.

Trump and the GOP taking care of their own but cutting the $600 to $200 for regular people. How can anyone support them?

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 The FBI needs to stay right where it is.  You libs always trying to make something out of nothing.  Have you been in the FBI building.  It does need to be redone.


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ldh41655:  You libs always trying to make something out of nothing. Have you been in the FBI building. It does need to be redone.



Perhaps it should be redone someday, but why put it in a pandemic relief bill while griping that helping  people at this time is too expensive? It's common sense that it can wait for another time.

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@ldh41655 wrote:

 The FBI needs to stay right where it is.  You libs always trying to make something out of nothing.  Have you been in the FBI building.  It does need to be redone.


Suggest you learn the subject. The FBI wanted and needs a new building to do its job. Trump wants it to stay where it is so he can make more money with his Hotel across the Street. They looked at redoing it before deciding the best thing was a new building designed for the modern FBI. Yes I have been in the building.

You were given the truth, and sadly the truth is Trump and crew plans to enrich themselves are disrupted.

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Republicans are constantly looking for ways to make the wealthy even more wealthy ... at the expense of all other Americans!



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